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Jan 2, 2011
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Im mobile, and about to start teaching, i need something other than my nail art fan to display my nail art tips/stilleto fancy art, to show the students, something that cant walk away with them.....Does any one use anything or have a link of something i can have a look at....I have a lot so want some thing that holds or displays them all but not too bulky to carry...a big ask i know, but does anyone have any ideas...many thanks xxx
oooo i saw something lol i cant remember what its called tho ill see if i can find it then get back to you xx
Thanks so much, yeah thats what im watching at the moment on ebay, just wondered if there where any other options, cause like you say they are quite expensive and i prob need 3 or 4 xxxx
It's quite a lot for just the 1 nail per pot although just a thought. Couldn't u by say 12 pots of glitter/flakes for 99p on eBay. Then put ur own spongey stuff in. Annd that way you get to keep what's in the pots and 9p per pot don't seem as bad as 25 for a tenner or have you thought about getting like a a board an actually gluing the nails onto a fancy board kinda like what you would see in a salon. Other then that I think I'm all out of ideas lol xxx

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