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Apr 26, 2003
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hi guys...just done my first spa pedicure after my spa day on fri, lucky person my fiance...he's not usually up for that kinda thing but being a supportive ickle sole he offered....and he liked it, he said his feet feel really clean and he had to put his smelly socks back on...i wanted him to go out in flip flops to show peeps...sadly he wasnt up for this... :D
ahhh but if you polished his toes maybe he wanted to keep your personal life personal, lol he wouldnt let me put polish on...he's really good bless him, he let me give him a manicure a few weeks ago too...ile b trying my new spa manicure on him this week...bless...vicx
There should be a lot more men getting pampered, most of my male clients are gay and that shouldn`t be the case. Everyone deserves a bit of pampering don`t they????????
An ex boyfriend of mine used to have regular manicures, pedicures and massages but he wouldn`t let anyone know about them, Sado
hi girls my bloke is excellent to he listens to all my moans and is so supportive of me and my credit card lol (most blokes wouldnt in their right mind let you spend that much money on nail stuff!)
he let me manicure pedicure to my hearts content he even offered to let me practise extensions on him as long as i took them off after straight away and didnt tell a soul :D (aaaawww bless him i could tell he hated the idear i could see him praying i wouldnt take him up on the offer :D )but seeings as i didnt i thought i would share it :D
nickki jonesx
hi ya, my blokes just like that nicki........he's never said a single word, my credit card must be well over 2.5k now, he signs for things off the posty most days and has never said a word.....he lets me practice manicures and pedicures on him too, he even asked me if id give him a pedicure the other day coz he wanted his feet to feel minty!!! he loves the spa range as much as me!!! he's great and thats why im marrying him in 5 weeks time........awwwwwwww and we met on the tinternet!!! Vicx
aaawww i hope you are going to let us know how it all goes we want to see pics too! is that the vic who is opening sunstationails?
nickki jonesx
hi ya lol@sunstationails!!! its SUNsation'NAILS...........

yes it is me
opps sorry babes lol :oops:
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