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Mar 16, 2009
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Maidstone, Kent
Im just interested in your thoughts on whether you think its best to be unique and a specialist in your area of work or whether we can do it all and do it to a high standard?

I currently do Eyelash Extensions, Spray Tanning and Shellac and like to think I do them all to the best standard that I can.
However I previously trained in waxing and completely lost my confidence and havent waxed more than my own eyebrows in a couple of years.

Im considering a Kim Lawless course and if I do im not sure if to add this string to my current bow or whether to set up a stand alone website and be just waxing. (run two businesses)
My logic here would be that perception is you are an "expert" if you have just one field however I do love lashes and tans but am seriously struggling in this last quarter to get clients in. Everyone loves waxing and its repeat business
I do everything pretty much and while I offer a lot of excellent treatments I also know I'm not the very best at some of them. I specialise in skincare and am known for it but I do have everything on the same site. I do shellac but am a realist. I can turn out a lovely set of nails but if someone wants art they don't want me. I can turn my hand to a bit of glitter and a dot or two but if you want reindeer I'm not the one for you. I think it is fine to offer lots but become known for what you're good at. I have just done Kims training for intimate after spending years saying I would never do it and I have surprised myself. I bloody love it (!) So if I become known for great skincare and excellent Brazilians I'll be a very happy bunny! But I would never do a separate business as such. I'm just honest! Deep tissue massage, fancy nail art and botox - go elsewhere.

Vicki x
Thank you Vicki, that does make sense.
I see myself as a generalist because I want to teach in the long run. I also like to have variety on my treatment menu to open employment doors and to keep things interesting.
why don't you offer everything, but really push what your best at.
If you do just Amazing lashes and spray tan's you may loose your clients to the salon down the road who do Amazing hollywoods and a good spray tan and lashes,
If you really want to only specialize in lashes and spray tans and don't feel confident in other treatments you could always team up with someone who does treatments you don't offer, and do a buddy discount scheme to promote each other, in that case you don't risk losing your clients to someone offering more...
I'm in a similar position.. I currently only offer spray tans and I'm training in eyelash extensions in a few weeks and I plan on only pushing those two things (for now). Within the next 6 months I want to become HD trained too. I have many friends in the beauty industry who are trained in everything.. I kinda wanna be different because I'm not. I'm mobile so that's an advantage and I think by focusing on a few great treatments I can make a great name for myself (fingers crossed). If I was you I wouldn't run it separately but kind of make a brand of you different areas.. Eg, I am current only 'LK tanning' but soon I will have 'LK eyelashes' and so on (unless my services grow too much) xxx
I think if you love more than one thing then why not, alot of people hold strong positions in more than one line of work and speak several languages fluently etc, it kind of puts a different perspective on the 'jack of all trades' label, you can just as easily be a master of more than one.
I do several things i absolutely love doing them, when im a bit lacking in one i take it off, practise more then i can bring it in, and you know yourself what standard your going to be happy with.
If you prefer doing one thing over all the others then you can put your all into being your best at that.
I love more than one thing equally and i cant imagine my life without one of them (im not at all dramatic LOL)
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I am trained in quite a lot but 9/10 I get my clients coming to me because of my nails (no there not amazing but they are presentable and basically what people want, pretty nails) and I think it's because people can see that I do nails by the photos I put on Facebook. They then realize I do other things to and end up being regular clients for lots of things, can work all ways I suppose x

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