Spray tan tents?


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Jul 6, 2011
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Wanting to know if anyone has been creative and designed there own spray tan tents out of material. If so do you have any pics you wish to show :).

Iv just had my beauty room re furbished i normally use a pop up tent but as you know they do get a bit dirty from all the tan.I have looked into getting a booth but 1 very expensive and 2 takes up alot of room. Which i dont want when i only have 2 small rooms to do everything from.

So have came up with an idea. Im using a corner of my beauty room hanging some thick black washable material about 2 metres in length from the corner to each side into the room and it will be about 2 n half metres long to touch the floor.It will be stuck on with thick velcro so after each day or couple days you can pull it off and put it in the washer. On the floor have a half circle of black rubber again to be able to pick up to rinse down.Then on the wall will have a large extractor fan to catch any extra spray.

Starting to build this tomorrow very excited hope it works.

Anyone else done anything like this.

Would love to here your ideas or see them.xx

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Great idea. Keep us posted with piccies. Xx


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Thanks deb i will most def get some pictures when its done.Just wanted something aswel that we can take down and put away when we are not using it for space. Just hope it works xx

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I haven't made one myself but I use the inflatable tent - you can pop it in the washing machine and tumble dryer which is amazing!!

It deflates and inflates very quickly so don't need to worry about it taking up much space
I qualified in spray tanning a few weeks ago and recently bought the tan in tent from sunless solutions, it is fab!
Inflates/deflates in 20 seconds came with a bag to put it back in and it is machine washable, as well as being able to put it in the tumble drier.
Couldn't fault it x
I'm opening a home salon and worried by how much space the tent takes up, I have the sienna x one and we are in quite a small flat at the moment which makes it seem huge. I would love to find something else I could use in the new room. Someone said a while back they have a corner of their room where they put Perspex on the wall so can be wiped clean, I liked that idea.
I have a plastic frame which has Velcro strips attached with a black material sheet which also has Velcro on. The material wraps around the frame so I can take it off to machine wash each week.

I bought the Cube Inflatable tanning tent from Ambermist which I have used loads of times. It is 190cm high which is plenty but as it has a flat clear roof so it fits in anywhere. You only have to wipe it down with a damp cloth to clean. It is really good and my customers seem to love it.
Im glad im not the only one trying to use my space wisely. Lala what do you havw on the floor and do you have a roof on or keep it open? Im hoping to just use a large house hold extractor fan fitted onto the out side wall rather than paying 200+ for a mobile one from suntanna.

I like the idea of the inflatable ones but they still seem large. My room is only 3 metres wide so trying to do something that i dont have to keep putting everything away such as nail table ect each time. :))x

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I have a very large walk in cupboard that I'm converting (it's big enough for an armchair and tumble dryer so not really cupboard like) I intend to put shower curtains around 3 sides, the floor is tiled so I can just mop it.

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