Spray tan training, Norwich?


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Feb 27, 2012
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Just popped over from the Nail Geek and was wanting to add spray tanning to my services. I am in Norwich and wondered if anyone knows of any good training there?
Also I have no clue about the different brands of tan so any advice on the best ones and ones to avoid would be good!
Thank you! :)
Best advice I can give you love is search the site, there are many threads about spray tan training and solutions on here. Once you have researched and picked which one you would like to try ring the company and ask if they train locally. Some companies will send a trainer to you or you might need to go to their training facility elsewhere. I would recommend product specific training and then once you have the confidence in your skills you can start trying other solutions. Hope this makes sense.

I LOVE spray tanning, the customers are usually really nice, it's a much more relaxed kind of treatment and if I could choose I would spray tan before doing nails. Probably because I have been doing it for quite a while now and am comfortable with it.

If you are stuck for a model I am only a few miles away. LOL

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