Spray Tanning a client who is on morphine...


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Dec 19, 2007
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...does anyone know if the morphine has any affect on the outcome of a spray tan? Also the same question if a client is on antibiotics. Thanks x
i dont know. I guess its different for every client. Perhaps you should do a patch test and see and let us all know your results! x
I have given her a quick spray across her stomach but I just wasn't sure if it could go patchy on other places.
Morphine is a pain killer so i can't see why it would go patchy. It should be fine. What is she taking the morphine for?
Hi Sassy No it doesn't I am on morphine and have Tans :O)
Great thanks!!
The only thing you'd really need to be aware of in this instance is that morphine can cause dry and itchy skin so moisturising should be increased.

I really dont think it has an effect on spray tan, Ive just done my training today and they didnt mention it ha! Not sure about antibiotics, depends what its for?

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