Spray tanning and lash extension training????


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Oct 28, 2009
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Hi there,

I wonder if anyone could help and give me some advice on spray tanning. I am a mobile nail technician who uses Bio Sculpture products and I feel it's a good time to start introducing new treatments, Spray tanning being one of them.
I have been contemplating between St Tropez and Xen Tan. Can any of you geeks pls let me know which you prefer, which is more natural looking etc etc.
Also I have tried Googling to find places in Surrey and London that train with either brand and all I have found is the Carlton Institute. If anyone else can reccommend or who knows or who has trained anywhere using either of the above I would really appreciate your help.

I'm also looking into lash extensions, Are the Nouveau ones the best or can you recommend a better brand?
Thanks in advance.

maybe try searching the forum under best lash training/spray tan training, that way you will get the gist of the more popular ones, and from there can call around them the find out where the neares educators are in your area, good luck, enjoy your training x

I have just trained at the carlton and we used Xen-Tan which i love as it gives an olive colour so no "Orange" looks!! The course was good but fast paced as it was only 4 hours long, I'm a beauty therapist an so managed to pick it up quickly.

I'm just about to do my eyelash extensions training with the eyelash emporium at pinewood studio

Hth :)

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