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Aug 27, 2020
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Hello beautiful people ❤️
I’m looking for some advice/help/feedback about spray tanning.

I purchased “Rose & Caramel Pro” spray tanning solution and can’t help but feel underwhelmed by it… after looking at reviews you would think it’s superb but here are the issues I’m having..
The spray back… the WHOLE room is absolutely drenched in tan, even after cleaning, returning the next day there’s even more laying on everything!
Secondly, staining. Now we know wearing loose dark clothing etc is what we always advise however, this literally stains your loo seat and everything.. I’ve never had a tan transfer quite as much as this one. It’s also very very sticky & takes ages to dry down!
Can anyone recommend a good spray tan which has less spray back and less transfer, I’m totally open to express tans etc too.

Thanks in advance xxxxx
Have you tried adjusting the width of your spray? It can really minimise the amount around the room. That and telling the client to stand as far away from you as possible while not touching the tent, and not leaning into the tent to spray, so it doesn’t splash outside of the tent.

I’ve found that older solutions never stained when I started 8 yrs ago, but these days no matter what I use I end up with a red hue on my white furniture. Its only a permanent stain if you dont wipe up immediately or it ends up on eg white leather couch/chair.

I currently use Suntana (recommend btw), and they also have a tan suitable surface cleaner. Though I’ve never needed it as as I use a multipurpose spray just fine.

As for on the body, that should improve with adjusting your gun and staying back, but if not you can buff it with a dry flannel mitt after.

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