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Apr 27, 2004
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hi has anyone rought the spray tanning sytem fron sundrench.co.uk wondered if it was any good???
the £99 one can you use other solutions in it ?
Hi em, i have just pm'd dee about the same thing as i know the recent thread on tanning in the nail art section contains info about it i think either that or the recent thread in the wanted section explains about sundrench hthsx
hi kely yeah read about it sounds good but how many people out there use it ????
im not sure i so far know of 2 but im doing the rounds at the mo trying to find out!
well done kel x as im doing my skin tanning course with the cream at the mo but like to offer spray as well x
I have just ordered my sundrench system so will let you know how i get on with it.....it sounds really good!!! Yes you can use other systems tanning solution with it!!! I have ordered the spray unit and also an extra bottle of tanning soloution came to a total of around £140.
Enough to do around 25- 30 clients.
I have been in touch with all my clients and have taken a booking from each one ...@ £15 each as a trial.,,,, so i have to do atleast 10 to make my money back.......so you could say i have got te bookings to cover the costs!!
hi so is the unit £10 ?? seems cheap have you the phone number i e mailed them but nothing yet? do you do mobile so th booth just pops up??

lotsa qs for u lol
hi i forgot to ask how much the pop up booth was does anyone know
pop up boot is £125 ( if i remeber correctly) but all sold out new stock arriving shortly.
tel no is on the website. the unit is £99
hi i thought u got the pop up unit as well for £140 lol
I would really apprechate if you could come back to us and let us know how you get on with the tanning, It seems very cheep and I would be very interested in buying it just for the equipment for the tan itself is not the best.
No Probs i will certainly let you know how i get on....i am used to using the likes of St tropez etc so it will be intersteing to see how it compare.
Lindag - you say this is not the best tanning solution....have you used it before and if so wat problems did you have?
Hi guys can anyone recommend the best training for spray tanning, what courses etc as i am considering it but wouldnt know where to start and not sure whether i would pick it up from just a video? x
Hi guys just been on the Su-do site www.su-do.com and they do a tanning kit which includes all your cleaning materials you need, lotion, colour feed bottles, airbrush video, training manual, poster, sticker, customer care leaflets and more for 99.95 or with the airbrush as and the kit 194.95, i think this is a good price though i may be wrong as you get your training material with it, has any1 got any comments or advice before i invest in one??? and does any1 use su-do? thanks x
I have the Sundrench system came last week
And I am loving it the machine is great very easy to use and the lotion is great
It gives a really good colour and very easy to apply
Well worth the money


What about overspray?
Do you need a cubicle (seems a lot of money for what it is?) or do you use towels or shower cubicle?

Sounds like this system makes others look overpriced" I am seriously thinking of adding this to my home-based treatment room.
Would appreciate your comments.
Hi Jill did you go on a course to learn how to use it and is it suitable for men?
hi kel, looked at su do its worth getting the sun drench i think then you can easily use su do s tanning lotion and air brush nails
Lindag - you say this is not the best tanning solution....have you used it before and if so wat problems did you have?[/QUOTE]
No never used it left out the word "if" should have read "if the tanning solution is not the best"

No probs was having major panic attacks lol!!!
Hopefully mine should be here soon.....going to see if my parrtner will let me turn him in to lenny beige!!!
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