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Apr 11, 2016
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Gold coast
so I work in a salon, 6 years in this one. Staff hair is an issue, boss wants us all to get hair done on our 1 day off a week, Monday, we all must attend.. However, most don't needling every 6 weeks. Some need every 4, some have kids they would like to spend time with and some want to get it done at home by another staff member or get it done else where to relax,
Boss is telling us NO! We have to come to staff hair day,personally it's a pain! I'd rather sit in a salon or get it done at home when I'm ready, she is making us all feel terra blue about it, 1 girl I particular is so fed up, she cannot wait 6 weeks as she is very light, and now has her mum doing her colour at home every4 weeks as it look as, it's doing our heads in,someone please tell me this isn't some rule we have to get our hair done at work, we spend all week there and can't all make it- we all love different lives!
She can't force you to be there if it isn't in your contract. She would also have to pay you if you don't have a choice in the matter x
Exactly! There is no contract- she just said we HAVE to and I should be setting a good example as I've been there the longest.
We are all happy to do it in our own time, not be locked in to a day that she wants, so I guess I'm asking- it's not legal to make us?
Who does the hair Lilly if you are all on a day off? If she makes you do each other then she will have to pay you for your work.
We all have to do each other's hair- salon is closed every Monday and we all "have to be there"
We all have plans on our day off:(

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