stained acrylics????


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Jan 8, 2004
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east sussex
Hi guys and gals,

I've had a very strange thing happen on my nails, it's never happened before! I did a design on my nails last week and used Sticky base coat and a pink polish also by creative, then using some nail art pens by nuvu? I used a dark purple glittery one and put some stripes on, anyway, when i removed it, cause i'd chipped one of my nails, i discovered that the purple had sunk through all the coats of varnish (3 in total) and stained my nails!! i tried to buff some of it out, but it was really stubbourn, so i painted over it again, with Sticky base coat and 2 coats of a white creative polish, then painted a black and silver design on top, well, now the purple has started to show through the white!!!! what is going on?????
Sounds like the Purple was really heavy in dye.
Chances are, Stickey protected the enhancement, but once you hit it with a solvent (to remove it) it broke it up enough to penetrate the enhancement beofre you could wipe it off :(

Actually, I am assuming it is on an enhancement.
If so, try buffing the top layer down. If it is on your natural nail plate, chanes are that the dye got into the plate, and now your natural oil is bringing it back up into the enamel. Try using some acetone or product dissolvant to remove it.

Hope this helps
it must have loads of dye in it cause i did buff down my enhancements quite a lot!! maybe i shouldn't use this particular colour on the public?? :o
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