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Sep 20, 2007
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the room I will be using is up a flight of straight stairs.

What would enhance the look and advertise myself too?
Should I go for professional posters, or pictures in frames to do with treatments or just go for abstract pictures?
the clients will be using the same front door for the hairdressers and myself, they can either open the door on the right to the hairdressers, or climb up the flight of stairs to me.

Is their anyway I can draw their eye to let them know that I am there without getting in the way or interfering with the hairdressers?
How about a nice sign at the bottom of the stairs as they come in the main door saying something like,
Only one flight of stairs to
heavenly relaxation

Then when clients come in they will notice which way to go and then as they turn to look at the stairs, on the other side of the wall put up your list of treatments or a poster with your special offers advertised.
I would go for professional posters in frames for the flight of stairs, hth
Put a bill board outside advertising your business, so the clients will know you are there before they get through the door.

Put a sign on the hairdressers door pointing upstairs to holistic therapies?

Ask the hairdressers if you could put a poster up in the hair salon. Lots of potential clients would see it.
Personally I think posters or holistic related pictures are better than abstract pictures, but thats justmy opinion.

hth. xxxxxxxx
thanks both of you, you have both been of great help.
I particularly love the idea of one flight of stairs from heaven!!!!:green:
I agree one flight from heaven sounds great. or Upstairs to heaven! or upstairs to heaven and knock on natures door!!

pmsl . Cant you just tell im ready for bed!! :hug::hug:

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