Start up funds

Hello guys! I am starting my own beauty business where i provide beauty treatments by renting a room in a salon. I am hoping to get funding from either start up loans or government funding and i am on the last page of my business plan.
i just wonder if anyone has also got any funding or used something like startuploans to start their business to buy equipment and stock etc. If anyone knows of any good places to get funding to start a small business, advice and help would be great!
Or if anyone has any tips for me about this process or any advice please feel free.
Thanks x

Hi just a thought but what about second hand equipment? Always a salon closing somewhere & selling items or look at gumtree x


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I'd use savings. Taking on a loan to start a business can leave you earning nothing and with bills and debts to pay. Being an employee seems like a dumb deal until you set up on your own.

In any case, you'll be expected to invest your own money, you won't get business funding without it.

Your local Council may have information to help you and you should make an appointment to talk to your bank.