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Jan 11, 2017
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Hiya ladies, hope this is ok and sorry for the long post please bare with me on this.. 🙏

I am level 1&2 beauty also 3 in advance beauty therapy.. fully trained & qualified since 2012 with over 7 years salon experience.. ( I Also have my level 2 in hair which i dont plan on doing where i will be, & do hold ear piercing qualified with caflon)
I have always worked in salon for employers, but since having my little boy I've being out of the industry just doing odd treatments here and there for friends and family ,
he has recently started full time school and I have recently being offered to work in a salon self employed around my little boys hours and appointments at hospitals and clinics etc ( he's additional & specialist needs so working full time for employers I would probably not hold 9to5 job 6 days week so when hearing opportunities the lady in salon is able to offer me, after long thought, I thought I deserved to give my self a bit of me time as I loved working in industry as its all I have known since leaving school and would love to to see where this can possibly take me, and being self employed I can make sure works for me and my son now he has a full time place with a echp in education setting)

I don't have any equipment to do my body and electrical equipment to provide these treatment as such yet & was thinking to just get my feet in by starting with
Facials and massage which I absoutlue have passion for also possible Indian head massage just so don't want to over whelm my self with to much choice as I will need to sort my products/materials etc...
before i start in October..

I would love if any one would like to give me some tips and guidance on anything you think will help me kick start in right direction
In regards to products, materials, advertising, pricing, social media, offers??
I feel you can tell I am feeling nervous with starting my self of. As i have never done it this way before not because I am not competent in my job and service, just worried to set my self up to fail.

Please be kind, look forward to hearing of you all ❤️❤️🤗🤗🙏🙏
Interesting choice of accompanying music…:)
Interesting choice of accompanying music…:)

🤣 I'm not sure it's quite the style I was expecting, but hey, you gotta love a bit of banjo 😜
I did one last week, normal polish only on hands and toes, foot spa, make your own face mask - avocado, honey, yogurt, then some glitter face paint.
They each get their own fluffy headband and then a party bag with a sleep mask, bath bomb and a lip balm to take home.
The host provided sweetie cones and tubs of popcorn.
Think about your numbers if you are on your own, I had 5 which was enough, anymore and they’ll get bored waiting their turn!

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