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andria su

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Dec 11, 2013
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Is there anyone just starting out self employed and feeling excited yet anxious about setting up?
Me! I'm working full time at the moment in a non beauty job that I hate. I have completed upto l3 at college and am now planning my mobile business with the aim to make enough money to not return to my other job after the school summer hols. I am just beginning to get bookings and have an appointment next week about how to set up self employed. Xxx
That's great to hear and well done for completing your level 3 x
Hey Hun! I'm in same boat! Where are you based and are you going to be home based and mobile? It's exciting and scary all at once! X
I would love to do both home based and mobile but I've no spare room at home so just doing mobile xxx
Hey jaym
I am based in Bournemouth. Where are you? I am thinking do some homebased and within a hair salon. Just finding the right one with reasonable rent. Aye you mobile? It is so exciting and yes I feel anxious about it but all will be fine once is up and running :)
Hi sunflowerfi
Have you worked within a salon self employed?x
I've not worked in a salon . My reason for going self employed is I need to be able to fit my hours around my children. Xx
That makes sense sunflowerfi. X
I've got an appointment Monday at the local chamber which helps support local businesses xxx
That sounds great. What beauty do you do? I did mine through the job centre xx
Ah this is a nice thread :) it'll be an emotional roller coaster for a while, while your building your businesses but don't give up! Always remember why you chose to set up in the first place it will help you on wobble days! Good luck to you all!
Before I took a career break I was a business adviser for HMRC. It may have changed now but I gave daily workshops and presentations to employers and sole traders. It was a free service. Business Gateway also had free courses so do lots of research and find out what is available to assist you x
Hi surf girl thank you for the positivity just what I need. Hope you have had a lovely weekend [emoji4]
Hi everyone!

I have just completed a brief of mail courses and a couple more yet to do. I intend to go self employed as mobile nail tech. How did you go about setting up as a business? My main concern is about spending lots of money on becoming a business and then not getting enough clients and failing after a few months! Once I have established myself I hope to add in more beauty treatments such as facials, eyebrows, eyelashes, massages and waxing (over time). I'm so nervous as I've never run a business and I too have spent the last 12 years since I was 18 in a completely different job! At the minute I'm just working part time in my regular job and hope to build up enough trade to one day give that up completely!! I feel like it's a minefield but hoping it's a lot easier than I think at the minute to get started!! Eeek! Good luck to you both, you sound very clued up! Hope you can through some advice this way too!
Hello , just thought I would jump on the post too! I am just finishing my level 2 in beauty . I have also done a non credited 3 day bridal course in make up too. I was planning on only doing bridal make up but was worried the work would be seasonal. So I decided to I wanted to be able to offer a range of treatments . I have mainly done nails , eyebrows , make up and facials . I haven't found a call for waxing as of yet. I also have a toddler and like more too. I have only worked on friends , family and friends of friends . Doing "real clients " seems a bit daunting . I plan to work from home and do some mobile . I am London based so competition is high . Assuming it will take a while to build a business . I wish everyone luck and keep positive! X
Question for me is (same boat here) how many customers would you need on average to be able to live of it. Being able to pay the rent ?
I feel the same with building my clientele but I think that takes time with any business. I would say it's more word of mouth I do need to get out there with flyers and business cards. Is that the best way any advice? There is just so much to do [emoji15]
Hi goldcrest I suppose it depends on your situation are you salon based, mobile? And what treatments do you do ? [emoji3]
Hi aspiring beautician. I wish I was in London but I can imagine the competition but there are so many people so you should be a able to build a nice clientele. That's good you have a variety of treatments I think once someone trusts you with a treatment they will want the rest. I'm sure you are great don't doubt yourself..Home base is good as lower overheads too

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