Stop black roots running


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Nov 15, 2015
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Hi I've done a lot of black roots lately but are dulling the bottom colour when washed out, any tips on how to stop it sticking to the lighter colour when washed out
Do you mean when you first rinse the colour out or does it run when the client washes it at home?

I think it depends on what techniques you're using, but sometimes it's better to do the stretch root first and after rinsing/drying, balayage the remainder.
Yeah when I'm washing the tint off the roots in the salon, and if I've got a colour on the bottom too it's always very dull, so am I best doing the roots first drying then putting the other colour on?
Get the client to cover the silver ends in conditioner when she rinses the roots.
Tons of thick conditioner works a treat, I was rinsing a 4.0 root touch up off a beautiful Balyage yesterday and had a little panic about running off and staining my previous work but I conditioned the ends whilst rinsing the root & it was fine

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