Straight hair problem


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Hello, I'm new to the site so I'm not sure if this is where I am supposed to post this. So here is my problem. I have very straight (the stylist I go to currently calls it "bone straight") blonde, fine hair. I am in love with sienna miller's hair in hippie hippie shake and I really want it however when my stylist cut it she made it look like a graduated bob. The front was great but the back was very very choppy and I could see every scissor line very well. I asked about it when I saw her again and she said that is just how it looks on fine blonde hair. Is this true? Should I try another stylist or is there a trick I can tell her about? Thanks for your help in advance.


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Hi Rachel , it looks like you have had just a very basic cut ,
you could ask her to go over the very ends of each section
with her thinning /texturising scissors or to finely chip in / feather the ends a little ,
this would be to achieve more finely blended effect with no choppy lines,

this may take quite a bit more time,
and as it is specialized cutting ,
so be prepared to pay that bit extra for the time and effort put in ,
hope this helps :hug: x minky



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Thanks for the advice. I go in next Tuesday to have her cut my hair so I will use some of the termonolgy you gave me and try harder to explain exactly what I am looking for. I'll let you know how it goes.


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Personaly i think that you have to find a stylist who has a 'knack' with your sort of hair.... cuttng hair like that is about a stylists ability to see the shadow and weight of the hair once the cut has been dried off. It needs to be cut wet , dried of and then cut again once the hair has is 'sat', that way , any lines and scissor marks can be expertly blended .... a real job for someone who has a natural talent rather than a taught ability ( in my humble opinion)... and a stylist telling you that ' thats just the way it is' on your hair.....:eek:...not good enough. If she cant do the job she shouldnt be charging you