Strap marks when tanning


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Nov 3, 2005
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Can someone advise me of how to get over the problem of evening out a spray tan when the client already has white strap marks from being in the sun?

She's getting married in a few weeks and had a trial last night and I checked to see if all was ok this morning and she just mentioned that the straps were still lighter.

Any ideas would be welcome.

Its very hard to completely eliminate the tan lines when giving a full body tan, as the rest of the skin will go darker too, thus leaving the tan lines darker but still lighter than the rest if the body. The only way to really hide them completely I would say would be to only cover the tan lines-maybe not even by a spray tan but with a cream /lotion that can be applied directly to the said areas.
You could apply the spray tan solution with a sponge/cotton wool to the strap lines after the intial spray tan has been washed off. This may work, but the only way to find out wiould be to try it! (by the way, I have not tried this!)

Hope you find something that works! and if you do tell us :D

i get this quite often around this time! I had two clients last week with the same problem, i used my suntana solution medium 10% cherry and sprayed all over.....looked nice an even. This can be done with any'll see the results instantly and you always get nice compliements afterwards!
In the past if its really visiable, then i respray lightly over the areas to blend in using a smaller airbrush to contour around the chest! hths xoxo
I have had this a few times recently, what I find works best is to only spray the light areas as you normally would, and then do a 2nd lighter coat all over. It means the areas which are already tanned don't go much darker, but helps them to be of a similar colour to the un-tanned areas that you have sprayed. I hope that makes sense lol. I have found this works reasonably well, but it is very difficult to completely blend the tan lines in xxx
Thanks very much guys, will try some of those ideas. This site is great for advice isn't it.

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