Stressful day ahead!

Klassy Klaws

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This is a post that all those mummies of furry babies will understand.
My two babies are going to the vet tomorrow to be spayed and I'm absolutely terrified :(
I am taking them myself and later picking them up myself did try my hubby but he can't do it.
Luckily I'm working in between so that should take my mind off it a little.

Its awful but it feels like having your child going to hospital.
Decided it would be good if they went together so they weren't so upset, not sure it will help me lol

Thought I would pop a picture on so you can see them :)


Aww good luck, I remember my pussy cat looking so tired and forlorn after her op, I lit the log fire to cheer her up as she loves it. :biggrin:


My 2 cats were spayed on the same day. They came home with the collars of shame on and spent 5 minutes getting them off. That done, they raced round like idiots, ate a huge bowl of food and carried on like nothing had happened. And I'd been so worried!
My dog was spayed in January, like you I was so worried! Saying that, she was in at 8am and home by 2pm! Dozy the rest of the day and back to her hyper self the next day! She hated the cone though, so we had to put her in a baby grow :)

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My 2 kittens are 9 weeks old and dreading when I have to take them :(


My boys xx


Don't worry they will be fine 😊 x


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I had my Jack Russell done at the end of February and was worrying all day. I almost cried when I got back into the car after dropping him off. Of course he was absolutely fine. They said he was scampering about almost as soon as he woke up and didn't need the cone.

The vets were so surprised when we came back for his check up the following week how excited and happy he was to be back there. Thankfully he got over it really fast.

Hardest part of the whole thing was trying to stop him running up the stairs and jumping on and off the couch those first few days after the op! Was terrified he was going to split his stitches. No idea how you are meant to keep an 8 mth Jack Russell calm lol!


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It's such a worry and only other animal lovers could understand the depth of our feelings for our pets. I still remember when our female Lab was spayed and when we picked her up she had that look that said a thousand words, she was milking it! She loved being hand fed chicken with her rice for the next day or so and we were so impressed with the neatness and placement of her scar, she was back to normal in no time. I still miss her so much.

Our boy that we have now has had to have xrays recently and his joints manipulated in order to get good images. They warned us he may be sore for a few days because of this. Well, you have never seen anything like it. He whinged and cried when he was in the car going home and when we tried to settle him in. My Husband ended up going back to the vets for some pain relief for him as they said he might benefit from it if we had any. He was back to normal the next day though.

I don't blame you getting this done on both together as you don't need to go through this twice! I found the worst bit this time making sure our boy was keeping to being NBM on his morning walk before going in.


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Aww really feel for you, my little shih tzu had to have a spay about 18 months ago, I was beside myself and could think of NOTHING else and it made me really bad tempered and sharp with everyone, so completely get where you're coming fro:hug:

Hope you hear from the vet soon so you can breathe easy . . . my dog had one of those little sleepsuits like the lovely spaniel StephsTherapies put on, let us know how they get on xxxx


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I'm sure these are the ones I stole for my daughter!? How the hell did you get them back? ;)
Yes MM they are! And guess what, I am keeping them they are just too cute to give up!!! Although they have worked out how to get into our bed and sneak in every night for cuddles when we are sleeping, I'm scared I squash them lol!! X