Stressing over apprentice!


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Nov 26, 2013
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After previously leaving my other salon and college I am struggling to find a new one does anyone have any ideas? I have rung round everywhere!😔 I just want my hairdressing done as I have been doing It for 3 years as I had to do my entry level my level one and now am nearly finished my level 2 but need a salon!? Any ideas

Where are you based?

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It's been a while since i went to college but any chance that yours can advise on any local vacancies at all?
Maybe you need to try a different approach?

You might get a better response if you visit the salon in person, leave your CV and ask if you can make an appt. to speak to the manager about possible training vacancies rather than just ringing on the off chance. It might not be a convenient moment when you ring if they're with a client, for instance.

Not sure how old/experienced you are but when you are looking for a job, you should always sell yourself from the perspective of how much of an asset you can be to the salon, rather than you need a job so you can complete your training.

Does this make sense?
Am based in liverpool, and yeah thanks x

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