Stripey highlights to ombre


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Apr 21, 2015
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Hi, looking for some advice. I have a new client that currently has bleach and 6/75 highlights half head pretty chunky. Her underneath is a grown out natural Base 5/0 with 8/0 sun-kissed ends. She wants the ombre look on the top to match underneath. I'm thinking of doing 5/3 slight root drag with 8/13 through ends that are already prelightened? Keeping some highlights around hairline?
What color line do you use and does she want more of a golden or ashy look?
I use Koleston mainly. More along the ashy side
Than why would you use 5/3 for the root that gold, you could probably just use a natural and blend in nicely with the lightened ends. I would usually do the root first that section it nicely and blend the bleach into the root color and most ombrés look great with the hairline lighter! And for the ends if she wants a really Ashy look than do like a 9/1 or 10/1 depending on how light she gets or you can do 9/01 or 10/01. Just my opinion!
I think your right a Base alone will be fine. Thanks for your advice

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