Struggling to find a name for our new business


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Elaine x

Jul 31, 2011
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East Kilbride
Hi there, ohh im struggling to get a name for our new business, i LOVE aphrodite but im not sure on where i would stand with other businesses having the same name?
We specialise in all areas of beauty and also hair extensions...

Any help on deciding would be much appreciated as i am the one left dealing with business cards and such like ....sooooo not the best job for me :lol: can`t even decide the name haha!!:Scared:
1st thing i would do is make a hot list then check if you can get the domain name - and if you are setting up as a company, check companies house too - awful to set your heart on something then someone else has the webiste! - best of luck x
Thank you :) yeah definately! i cant even use my own name as there is a girl in the district with the same... and she has set up and has the domain etc...
racking brain now :) xxx

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