Struggling with nail art?


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Feb 6, 2006
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For anyone that's struggling with hand painted nail art I definately recommend the ArtNails Teaching Guides, really simple and easy to use/follow and if you're like me struggling to do simple techniques they're wicked!!
Also got some e-books from e-bay, defo recommend them too!

PM me if anyone wants more info:hug:
who did you buy the ebooks from
She's called cleopatrastyle, I got Beginners nail art guide & 10 superb step by step nail art guide. Each has approx 60 pages with large/clear pictures and easy to follow steps, really simple!
Was a bit unsure to order at first as i've never got an e-book before and wasn't sure what to expect didn't even know if i'd get it!! but it came through almost immediately, took a little while to download but well worth it, printed them off and put them in a ringbinder/folder:wink2:
Hi. Could you send the link to it please?

Vanja In Lagos Portugal
If you type in this item no 120160842765 this is one of the ones that I got :)
thanks so much
Sounds great.

What products are you using for you nail art?
Brushes, waterbased acrylic paint, 2-in-1 pens or something else?
And where did you buy those products.
I mainly use the 2 way pens as I find these easier! I tried the vrush pens and couldn't get on with them (I think they're cheap copys not real vrush)? I buy empty 2 way pens and fill them with my normal nail art paints (acrylic water based craft paint) this way if I make any mistakes or don't like the design it can easily be removed with water, most of the 2 way pens are actual polish which has to be removed with polish remover but then it also removes the base polish :irked: (if you have any on)

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