Stuck between LVL Lashes or another brand


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Sep 1, 2013
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Hi geeks
I am really torn between LVL lash course or another brand
My other half said he will pay for my course and kit but do you think its worth it?
Is it just the name i am paying for and are other brands the same x

I do go backwards about explaining things so hope you understand x
I was in the same situation in January, I decided to go for the lash lift course with salon systems as what I would need to charge per treatment with lvl I dont think i would have had any interest, lash lifts have become very popular for me and I don't think I have had one client that hasnt rebooked!

Have you had a look in your area to what other salons offer lash lift or lvl and how much they charge?

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Yes i ha e a number of places i can go and salon Systems is an option and its cheaper x
People are saying the brand sells it more , thats what is making me think x

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