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Hi all,
I have a client who currently has a bob, the last couple of times I’ve done her hair she’s said she thinks she wants it short, I never cut it short, I kept it the same.
Now she has said at her next appointment it’s definitely being cut off and brightened up.
Her hair is thin and fine, it’s not even quite a bob because the sides never get any length. It’s layered, has a thin short side fringe, also she has a cows lick . It’s very straight and flat.
Any suggestions to what I can do?
And colour - she has a full head foils, I use blondor and 20vol. Her hair is so fine it’s pretty fragile. She’s asking for white! Im not feeling positive about a restyle , I think because she hasn’t got the best hair to work with.

Thank you x


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Personally I would avoid too many layers as that only makes the hair thinner if you're going for a shorter bob . Maybe suggest a pixie cut or cropped hair style? Have a look on pinterest or internet search for inspiration. So far as colour is concerned if u add some low lights and/or root shadow with a demi or semi permanent. that would add dimension and depth without risking the integrity of her hair. Why have you not cut her hair shorter? Surely if your client' s ready for a change she will go elsewhere if you won't do it? Screenshot_20181106-234354_Pinterest.jpegScreenshot_20181106-234339_Pinterest.jpeg


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I disagree about not adding layers to thin hair.
A one length bob won’t work as it sits flat to the head and accentuates how thin it is. In the first picture above, you can see that the model has a high density of hair.

I have a client with exceptionally thin fine hair. My client is in her fifties, so going through the menopause and her hair is naturally getting even thinner. When she came to see me as a new client last year, I gave her a graduated bob and a few layers around the face. If you also add some texturising powder when blow drying, it will give it a bit of volume. A pixie cut is another good option to give movement.

I don’t think white is a good colour choice as you need to give the illusion of depth, so ideally I’d use 2-3 colours.


I didn’t cut it because she was never 100% certain, so I didn’t want her to regret it if she wasn’t ready. But now she is definitely sure that she wants it short.
Her hair definitely is not like the short bob you suggested, it is far too thin for it to look like that.
Thank you I will look at pixie cuts.

I always use texturising powder after I have blow dried her hair, yes it does look lovely once I’ve finished. But she tells me it never looks like that when she does it herself at home.

She too is in her fifties and wants ‘brightening up’. She is lightened to a level 9 - but naturally a base 6.
I use to do 2 blondor foils to a 7/1 foil.
Then we took out the 7/1 to lighten her up, but now sounds like it’s still not light enough for her.