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Sep 6, 2013
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Hi guys

Im looking at getting a Sum Up card payment reader. Ive had a look at previous threads & googled some reviews but they all seem to be a few years old. They all mention that Visa payments had to be processed over the phone rather than using chip & pin which is quite annoying.

Most of the reviews are 2-3 years old, so those of you that use Sum Up now- do you have to phone through any cards or can all cards (visa, debit, credit etc) be put through with chip & pin?

Its the only query I cant work out the answer too xx
I use sum up, and it's chip and pin. Bear in mind that you can only take payments with card holder present so you can't take payment from clients over the phone I.e for gift vouchers.
Hi Bird

Thanks for your reply <3 Thats fine with me as I can get ppl to pop into the salon, I was just worried that taking Visa payments would be a faff! Think the reviews I read were out dated tbh.

Doyou find it takes long for the payment to get into your account? xx
Usually about 4-5 working days,
But sometimes sooner. I haven't found it to take any longer than that. Just a tip don't use an apple email to sign up with, it seems to have problems sending invoices to Apple accounts. But they are very helpful and were quick to sort this out once I switched email accounts. X
Oh and make sure you always have plenty of spare batteries. It goes through them quite quickly and with no warning sign to let you know the batteries are on the way out.
Ooh fab! Thanks for the tip! I have just ordered one so will grab a charger & some spare batteries. It should be here by next week, I'm quite excited but rubbish with new technology lol! xx
It's super easy to use so don't worry

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