Swimming with extensions


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May 7, 2009
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Hey, What do u usually say when some1 ask for extension and going away and maybe swimming? does it weaken them?

Nail extensions that is.
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shouldn't do. Just tell them to use anti chlorine/swimmers hair products to protect the hair as you would with any hair. Frazzled, chlorine damaged ext are not a good look!!
The bonds should be fine tho.
Sorry I mean nail extensions
Sorry, didnt look at which forum this was posted!!!!!!
Sorry, didnt look at which forum this was posted!!!!!!

That made me laugh :lol:

No the water shouldn't affect nail enhancements.

Soak off gels can be affected with the chlorine, although I've always worn bio Sculpture on holidays and would be in the pool everyday and never have problems.

Swimming shouldn't have any effect whatsoever, I spent 4-5 hours in our pool on Sunday (in total) and my enhancements are still as good as they were beforehand. I never see any problems with my client's nails either, they all have pools and use them almost every day.

Make sure they have Solar Oil (or your system's equivalent) to condition their nails/enhancements daily and they shouldn't have any trouble :green:
ok thanks for that, i wasnt sure with chlorine ect.

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