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Jan 9, 2003
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ok all....

Am working on a new manual for our Creative Academy attendees.
What are the standard items you feel are essential to have for every service on your table top?

  • Submergible disinfectant
  • Thingeebob for enamel remover
  • Enamel Remover
  • etc...

Thanks in advance
stress ball ;)
at all times on my table top I have:-

a comfort wedge
My latest nail art on a sparkly tree thingy
My barbicide jar
My airbrush standMy light
My fuminator

In the drawers I have
drawer 1) all manicure stuff
drawer 2) all enhancement stuff
drawer 3) all other stuff used for both

Plus lots of other things I probably cant remember lol
The only things on my table are...

* my Barbicide jar
* my arm rest covered with clean towel
* Menda pump of acetone
* glass container with guaze wipes
* my e-file

Everything else in organised in baskets and drawers to my right. One basket has my fibreglass kit, one basket my nail art paints, one basket my acrylics, etc.
Not professional yet but I wana join in!! Cos I have a nail desk too!! Whoo!

I got loads (needs clearing up!!)....

On my desk top I have 3 pots of stuff - pot 1 = Files and buffers, pot 2 = small products ie nail varnish eraser pens, pot 3 = equipment ie manicure scissors, brushes etc.

Then I have my overloaded makeshift nail vanish stand (so not healthy looking!!) on the right of the table, and on the left, my nail art board. In the middle, is my work board, which I cover in a towel for manicures, and leave bare for nail art.

And I have a lamp (which I stole from my mum's work table ha ha) on the left too.

I have nail, hand a foot products behind my board (i remove when doing someones nails so they can sit opposite me) and I have pots of glitter and rhinestones etc so I dont have to kep going into my drawers for them.

I have 3 shelves which I keep my towels on, my hand bowl on, my foot products, my foot spa bath massage pads and my books on.

I have 3 drawers too;
Drawer 1 = Nail art box (box full of stuff I use for nail art ie piercing drill, rhinestones, glitter etc)
Drawer 2 = Keep my cotton pads and tissues etc in here
Drawer 3 = I keep all my paper work in here.

Thats very overcrowded nail desk ;-)

At the moment I am working on a mobile table (fab husband is going to make me my very own special table....ahhhhhhhhh). Anyway back to the question in hand (boom, boom).........being that the table is rather small, I have moved everything off of it onto a shelf just above it. All at easy access.

This then allows me to keep my table free of clutter and makes it so much easier to clean. The only things on there are:

* armrest complete with clean towel
* 3 sheets of couch roll + 1 torn in half for use with L&P
* a box with leaflets in

I don't like alot of crap on my table..oops did I say crap? lol
On my table I keep, a small basket that has nail disks in it (polish sample and nail art), arm rest with white towel over it, a jewelry dish and my business cards. That way it is really easy to clean the table between clients and does not look all cluttery. I keep everything else that I need in the cabinet under my table or in a small wire cart with wheels. When I sit down to work I wheel the cart next to me and work out of that. Much easier to keep everything clean.

My candle, a pack o smokes, and a lighter......!!!!!!!!! Oh I am....... Just kidding! Don't get your feathers ruffled...yet!

I don't keep alot on my actual table when it is clean! I keep a lamp and e-file on my right, and license on my left. When I am working however, I have a clean towel in center and I bring to the table my necessary items that I keep in seperate containers. I keep gel prodcuts in a bin, acrylic in a bin, manicure in a bin, etc. I just pick up that bin and bring it to the table. Actually, I keep all of that within arms reach.

But ideally, Every service...........hmm...cotton/gauze, nail prep/cleanser, acetone/polish remover, nail oil, top coat/base coat, cuticle softener, implement disinfection system, files/buffers, clean towel...and polish
I have a 10ins high container that I bought from my product company. It has compartments that holds 3 bottle products (acetone etc), 3 gels, gauze, files, 3 holes along the top that takes cuticle oil, top & base coat. It even has a rest for my brush. All products face me while the back is flat with a mini poster of all coloured gels available, for the client to see. It keeps everything together pretty well. I have my Barb jar, my comfort pad with towel and my lamp. Theres no room for anything else. All my other bits and pieces like tips and nail art items are in my table drawers.

on my table there is:-
* barbicide jar
* clean towel with manicure cushion on
* container with files and buffers
* light
everything else is kept in drawers until i need it like christie's says it makes it easier to keep your table tidy and clean
We are a neat, clean, organised bunch, aren't we!!!
Well, my table is hard to describe except to say that it has lots of nooks and crannys for storing things.
To my right is my acetone, cuticle oil, liquid, powder, Barbicide jar and files.
On the left we have a stairstep shelf that holds polishes and topcoats. Just under this shelf is a little place that I slide my boxes of tips. Everything else is in my drawer or on a little rolling caddy. I also have a large closet right behind me for pedicure supplies, jug of acetone and my larger bottles of monomer for refilling.

This is my station... would love to see others :D
:oops: I admit, I am a clutterbug! I am trying to get better though!!! I have too much stuff on my table!!! Right now it has: dryers to the R & L Acrylic Brushes Two lamps, Antibacterial soap & sanitizer , A glass holder with special art brushes, a tip cutter , nail scissors, My Barbicide tall stand up jar and my lay flat disenfectant container. Plus lotion and cuticle oil. My diff product lines I keep in baskets, on my shelves. My 2 designs for the week , my business cards, A bottle of water and my vitamins. Thanks Goodness I have a rather large table. Note: I use a cushion at times.

I need to be organized, like Christie!

On my table I have

*comfort roll with towel
*business cards
*the rest i have in a basket to my side

Hiya BrendaLee!!

Welcome to the board... they're pretty cool hey :flower:
:?: After each client, do you schedule time to put everything away, clean the table & reassemble for the next service? I was neater when I only offered one service: P&W sculpts. Now that I offer them plus, wraps, plus gels, plus almost everything else, (except airbrushing)I just have too much stuff!!! LOL! thanks for the welcome onto the board!!!

Hi BrendaLee

I put things away as soon as I'm finished with them.

I have little baskets with different services in them. I have my nail art things in one basket, wrap products in another, etc. When I do wraps I pull out the basket... work away. When it comes time that I have finished with the resins & activator, etc I put the basket away and continue on with the filing, buffing, etc.

As a client is drying I throw out used files, start wiping table down, etc.

I think once you work out a method it becomes second nature :mrgreen:
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