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Apr 28, 2003
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Can anyone tell me why my fabric build has gone very tacky, it almost jumps back into the bottle as if on elastic when I use it. Have I done anything wrong, its only been used a couple of times
Well Debs,
Not sure what went wrong, I have been using mine on 16 sets now and all is still well............

The only thing I do is replace the lids on all my bottles, as soon as I have finished using them even if it's only for a little while, our shop is so hot and everything evaporates lol.

When you build does the build come in contact with the activator. Could some of the spray have got to the bottle........
Seems far fetched but could be a reason............
Evaporation is the most likely reason for resin to go gloopy..........
Maybe Sam can shed some more light on this ????

Love Ruth xxx
Thats exactly why I am confused, never seen resin go like it before. I know its been hot lately but its hot (albiet for very short periods) every year. I do put lids on quite quickly, and i always keep them away from activator because I`ve come unstuck with that before. I am really concerned about it because I don`t even know if its ok to use like it is.
You only use BUILD ONCE. If you put more than one layer on and use activator in between, then your brush is contaminated with activator when it goes back in the bottle and can turn the whole bottle gloopy.

If you use BUILD for more than one coat, it is necessary to either wipe over the surface to clean it before adding the second coat OR buff lightly before adding the second coat. Either way you must remove any residue of activator.

If it was fine when you received it, then it has definitely become contaminated. Sorry ... you'll need to refill the bottle with fresh product! Can't use it like it is.
That sounds very right to me Geeg,

I use the builder 2x butonly activate after the second layer has been done on all fingers.
So 2x build 1x activate

Fabstuff aint it
Ok bond is called James
build is called Bob after bob the builder
but cant think of a name for boost ????
Anyone ??????

Love Ruth xxx
hi ruth

well there is a choc bar called boost and i know you love your choc !!!

:D :D
Now I`m more confused...... if I have contaminated the bottle I really don`t know how to avoid doing so..... I always wipe nails over after they have been activated to avoid anything that may be left there hoping to avoid contamination but if I have contaminated anyway I don`t know what to do to avoid doing it again.
Hi ya Debs,
Well here is another theory..................

Maybe this could be it?????
Do you activate the bond(resin1)?????

If so it could be that when brushing on build, it will pick up some of the activator and when putting the brush back in the bottle could contaminate it......
It wont go gloopy right away, but do this a few times and it will..........

Just a thought, hope this sheds some light on it ..........

Also why do you wipe the nails after you have activated them ?????
You mean between bond, build and boost???
There is no need for that, as long as your fingers dont touch the overlays there is no risk of human contamination, unless you sneeze on top of them lol............. Sorry I thought this was funny .......

love Ruth xxxx
I don`t activate bond, i only activate the build and boost. The reason I wipe after activating is because I was told that after activating there may be activator still present on the nail even though it had dried and that was what made your brushes go hard (had this trouble before, so now I wipe nail before applying next product)
I also put product out of the way before I use the activator, stressing!!!!
I must have done something to cause it to happen and I`m a bit worried to pay out for more only to do the same thing again, I really need to find out my problem so I can correct it.
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