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Mar 27, 2009
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i am self employed, and am moving salons in the few days.

i have access to client data e.g. phone numbers, they are mine and are there because of me, what are the legalities of me taking the data?

can i just make a list of my clients with their phone numbers and ring them up tell them i am moving? or is that a sueable offence?
If the personal data is the property of the salon, from where you work, and you take anything from that data, you would be in breach of the data protection act and committing a serious offence as well as theft

If you are running you own business, with its own trading name, from within the salon and your customers gave you their personal details, then that data is yours
Jes is absolutely right. It's a serious offence that, if found out, could start a litigation process.

Don't be tempted!
Don't you have your own record cards for your clients?
Is this a sudden move, because I would have thought you would have been telling your clients all about your move and where too over the last few appointments.
If you have your clients details in full, I always think a letter is the best way to inform them of your move then they have all your details there in black and white and won't forget, unlike if you just phone them and they are unable to write your new details down.

Also with a letter you can have a discount voucher in with it or as a tearoff attatchment offring them 10% off their first treatment (or anyother offer you want to make) at the new premises to encourage them to move wth you.

Regarding the clients details if they have only been placed on a computer which is the salons, then you need to be very careful the Data Protection laws are very strict.
As you are self employed do you have a contract, if so it should have something to say who the clients belong to.

I take it asking the salon owner up front for these details is out of the question? :eek:

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