Tanning before holiday x


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Mar 4, 2012
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West Lothian
Hey I dont go way for a few months but just organisin money etc n what I want done before I go x anyways what I was wanting to ask I hear of alot of people gettin spray tans before hols x is it worth getting done? I am so pale and dont really tan or burn just stay the same haha x but didnt know if it would go all streaky? Thanx if anyone has any advice xx
It shouldn't go streaky but make sure you use a suitable suntan lotion - if you don't then yes it might go patchy... It will also fade over the holiday and possibly quicker if you spend a lot of time in the pool... Is it worth it? I guess if you don't tan naturally it might make you feel less pale? :)
I'm gonna have one before my holiday. It just won't last as long, sand will obviously act as an exfoliator and chlorine will strip the tan. But by the time i fades you should have a natural tan anyway. (bring an exfoliating glove with you to get rid of patchy tan too!) x

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