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Tess Warwick

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Mar 18, 2010
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As a follow up to my last post I'd also like a bit of advice about tanning parties in salon...

We haven't done any yet but with the festive season coming up I'd like to take advantage of it :lol:
Are there any tips and tricks to making it as easy as possible for everyone concerned? Do you restrict numbers, allow alcohol, offer other services, take deposits, etc, etc?
And what about charges? Do you discount? Discount the 'hostess'? If so, by what kind of percentages?

Is it preferable to do them in salon or in someone's home?

Questions, questions! I'd appreciate some advice please.
You could offer a discount of free to hostess depending on how meny are coming. But if offering free or discount make sure they know that if the numbers dont turn up they may not get it discounted!
I had a girl book a party and 7 were meant to be coming so hostess was free. On the night only 3 came and she still expected her tan free!
After booking I would send them a confirmation email or letter which details everything in it and also the preperation for their tans.
I wouldnt allow alcohol as they might become roudy and not pay or complain etc!
And also take a deposit after they book that is non refundable.
Good points KarenRose, particularly about the alcohol!!!
Emailing details, prices and whatnot is a blooming good idea too.

If you go mobile with a tanning party and you do not have effective extraction, would it likely overspray into the room (even with a tent)? If so, what would the home owner say?

You can provide refreshments that do not have to be alcholic either.

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