Tanning solution - how much for Christmas and New year


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Jul 31, 2005
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West Yorkshire
Sounds like a stupid - how long is a piece of string - question but I am not sure whether to order another bottle of solution prior to Christmas and New Year.

The solution I use is very expensive, £70 + delivery, but they have 25% off at the moment. Also the solution only lasts for six months max hence the reason why I aren't sure whether to order in or not?

I have one full bottle in the fridge and one with enough for a few more tans.

Question is; as I didn't do much tanning last Christmas due to being heavily pregnant and couldn't be bothered - I just don't know whether to order another.

Have about 5 tans booked in already but I don't want to invest in something I won't use or will just sit in the fridge.

How are we supposed to predict demand?
Hi Tinky Winky

Just out of interest how do you advertise, i have just done a course with Sienna X and have delivered load of leaflets, so far got a party of 7 to do but no other interest, do you reckon December is gonna be better than November???

You should check out some of the most popular tanning solutions, Couture Professional Beauty have offers on for Christmas as do some of the other companies, also check on some of the beauty mags websites, £70 is quite expensive to be sat on the shelf, but Christmas is the perfect opportunity to get clients for the coming year, give them a voucher to spend in Jan/Feb
Hi, I can only agree with the others that £70 seems a bit much especially if it goes off after 6 months and its just so hard to predict how many customers your gonna have isnt it? Shouldnt really say this but I use tantrick - for one its a fantastic liquid and i dont seem to be the only one thinking this, it lasts easily 12 months and you dont have to keep it in the fridge (just somewhere cool) and the price is much better. the other thing is that they offer smaller bottles of half a litre and a smaller one so you can stock up with different sizes and be up to date on liquid without risking to lose it. apparently they now work with a new courier and even offer next day if you order by 12 ....oh and they also do free leaflets and posters... not sure if it helps but maybe have a look and see if it helps you more than the one you are using at the mo :lol:

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