Techs in around Verwood?


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Oct 28, 2005
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As some of you might know my friend has moved to Verwood today.
She will be looking for a nail tech, so I thought I'd try and give her a hand to find one.

She has gel overlays on her hands and feet, mainly french but sometimes colour. Her old tech stopped infilling and just removed it everytime and started again. I can only assume this is because her nails are so tiny as she didnt get any lifting or anything that might require it to be removed.

I have asked but she cant remember which product they use, which I wouldnt have thought would be a problem.

Thanks geeks
Ria x
Vicky (who's a CND Master) is in Bournemouth if that's any good to you .... send her a PM.
I'm about 10 miles from Bournemouth so that might be too far but anyway bear it in mind, I do have some clients who come in from that distance :)
Only too happy to help if needed x

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