Teething problems with wax


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Apr 29, 2014
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Hi, I recently completed a KIM Lawless speed waxing course, which I passed, and the intimate, which I didn't . I have booked quite a few models in and am actually enjoying the intimate practice loads though I can't remember some things from the course which aren't covered in the manual.

My first question is, I appreciate I'm very new and practicing but sometimes there are small pieces off hot wax which have broken off and are, say, on the labia or a tiny line on the lip. I use the shiny side of the wax pulled off but this doesn't always work but I don't want to hurt the clint by picking it off. Should I wax over it again?

Secondly, how do people cope with, er, large ladies when dong intimate?
I did a Hollywood on a lovely lady yesterday but she had so many folds of skin I was conscious of hurting her and sometimes couldn't get a 'handle ' on the wax as the skin was so lose.

Apart from that, I'm absolutely loving waxing! Appreciate any comments.x
I'm sure you'll get loads of good advice on here but why not ring Kim I'm sure she would be more than happy to offer more advice ...good to hear your still persevering x
If you didn't pass the course maybe you need to redo it so that you get the hang of it?
I go back to KIM for a 1-1 assessment when I'm ready but she's such a busy lady, I thought I'd see if I could get any answers on here first. X
If its breaking off in a certain place it could be that you are putting the wax on too thin there. You could try adding a bit more.

What wax are you using?

As for larger ladies, don't be scared or embarrassed, just be matter of fact about it. If you need them to hold their tummy and pull up, tell them. It can also help to drop one leg over the side of the couch rather than knees out feet together x
Hi, I trained with Andy at Axiom, If a bit were to get stuck, you can just go over it again, it won't harm the area, with larger clients I suppose I'd just stretch out the area I was working on, the wax hardens pretty quick. I only do male waxing and haven't had any very large gents in as yet.
Larger ladies or not you need to make sure you are stretching the skin when applying and removing the wax, if you want the client to help tell them to hold here (then guide their hand so they don't end up putting their hands in your way or in wax etc...) and then ask them to pull in whichever direction you need them to. Don't make a fuss just make it sound like you ask everyone to do it. Don't be afraid to instruct your client to do whatever it takes to make sure they get a good wax.
I know Kim is a very busy lady but if you ring her with your problems she will talk you through it and make you feel at ease, she wants you to pass and to be confident in what your doing, she will give you time as your learning her technique and getting it right is important.

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