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Jan 30, 2003
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One of my clients takes this medication on a regular basis and she has a lot of pocket lifting and nails missing. I have taken her enhancements off for now because I do not want to keep putting her full sets on every 2 weeks.

I told her I would put this question to my fellow geeks/geekettes to see if any of you could answer this problem for me.

Does anyone know if it is the medication that is causing her so many problems?

I do not have this problem with anyone else only her so I am assuming that the problem is down to her medication.

My procedure is:

Perfect Colour Pink/White

I tried the acid free primer once too but it didnt make any difference.

Any advice/help given would be greatly appreciated.
The only thing I would do differently here is NailFresh THEN Scrubfresh - Scrubfresh should always be used last as this contains the pathogen fighting ingredients on the nail plate!!!
Medication can certainly make a difference in some cases and if you don't expereince this on other clients, it may be safe to assume that the medication is what is causing the problem!! If you have soaked them off, why don't you SpaManicure her for a while and use Toughen Up - see how her natural nails come along!!!:)
It well could be the medication.

I had a client who had a brain disease and as you can imagine was on a cocktail of tablets. I put a full set of acrylics on and my prep was spot on but after a few days she phoned to tell me they had fallen off. I was so disheartenend as she was my first client so i went back and used Nail fresh thinking this would do the trick!!!! but it happened again so i put this down to experience and that my client was on medication. She unfortunately decided after the 2nd attempt she did not want enhancements anymore ! :cry:

I am on a vast range of medications at the moment and my L&P and gel have both been fine, I did expect a problem but glad to report they were fine!

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