Temptu silicone based range


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Aug 22, 2010
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Hi I was wondering if any of the mua geeks were familiar with this range and what your thoughts are? I know they also do an alcohol based and water based but I'm specifically interested in the silicon based for proms/special occasion/brides. Any feedback good or bad will be really appreciated, thanks
Thanks for the tip, most of the reviews I found on there and other sites were for the pod range which is a home user product. I'm looking to use the pro product in an airbrush and can't seem to find any pro mua reviews
Have you had a look on Makeup Advice Forum If there's nothing on there, you might get some pro replies if you post a question.

I still haven't been granted access to the Pro Chat boards - I think the girl who runs the site is a bit disorganised, but there is decent presence from working artists on FOTD and Makeup Advice on the forum pages.
I registered with makeup advice forum about a month ago and I still haven't been granted access either, oh I'm glad it's not just me then :) was starting to take it personally!
I haven't heard of fotd thanks for the tip I'll have a look on there now

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