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Jan 12, 2003
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Dubbo, Australia
... for inspiring me... this is what I spent last night doing...
<img src="" height="737" width="500">
My goodness!!!! You were a busy girl!!!!!! how cool 8) Good job! keep up the good work, once you get started it's kinda hard to stop huh. I mean once the creative juices get flowing they kinda keep on going, then I can just get out my frustrations or lose myself in my nail art. It's kinda theraputic for me!!!! I can just totally relax to the max doing it. It's an awesome release for me!!!! Good job, and please keep posting more pictures!!!!
Shelley :flower: :farao:
All of them are awesome..
The white nail with red and white hibiscus..that looks cool.

And the purple skys with black palm trees...yeah, I will be copying that one... lol

What great color combos.

luv it!
Just wanted to also add my thanks to Christie for her tutorial on hibiscus flowers. I sat down that very night and painted red and white hibiscus on my p&w's. Not too bad I might add, although painting that right hand was tricky to say the least. Anyway, I went into work the next day and Lo & behold ..ended up doing hibiscus flowers all day!!!!!!!! :flower: It was lots of fun to see my ladies get excited about nail art! Thanks again Christie! You are definatly a "nail" angel! :sunny:
I am so glad you enjoyed! Isn't the internet a crazy thing? I post a few pics on how to paint a hibiscus and then suddenly hibiscus nail art begins appearing on peoples What a small world we live in!
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