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i call my teacher miss as she can be quite strict but this is what i need.i have been blessed by having a very enthusiastic teacher.when some one is teaching you and they have so much enthusiasm it's very catching.
i hope every one has a teacher like mine that if i need help i call her or she even comes to me to help with one to one trainning.i just keep getting better and i think within the next 12 month i will really improve but only with the help of my MISSxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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Feb 18, 2003
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gran canaria and skegness
:oops: hi i thought i'd write in to let all the newish nail tech out there , like myself know that after reading some of the stuff on here, not to worry because we will be just as good as the techs on here and one day be quicker with our service.i love this site as i have only been doing nails for 1 year.i have a fab teacher who i hope will get me through my masters in the next few months,but by reading some of the posts on here i hope to gain a little bit more knowlage and a few more tips..this site is a nice friendly site with people willingly giving advice because they want to.
so to all us new ones lets get asking and gaining more experience from some of the top people on this site.thanks for providing a fab sitexxxxxxxxxxxxxx
I also had a fabulous teacher, but I have learned more from these boards than I ever could have in school. Don't ever be afraid to ask a question, be assured that someone has asked it before. Welcome to the world of nails and Good Luck!! :sunny:
I hope your studying HARD?
your teacher :D
now I know who you're doin' your training with!!! and she's not bad is she!!! Cheers :thumbsup: Lewis!!! :D :D :D

I had a really crummy teacher, with a private 'school', but I agree that I've learnt more from this board than I would ever have done by just going to classes! :study:

you also meet hte nicest people, who even though they are hugely busy wiht their careers( or retirement!!), they still makethe time to help & encourage people here!! (Thanks Gigi!!)

Kitty :meow:
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