The best pink and white polish brand for a french manicure?


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Dec 28, 2007
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Anyone know of the best polish brand for pink and white to do french manicures with?
hi there

Essie Mademoiselle is the best pink i've found for a french manicure. Still trying to find a decent white!

Happy hunting!
Thanks! I will try it! I love your picture, in fact I have it framed on my wall :)
I use Orly 'Point Blanc' x It has a fantastic small brush which helps with application. It is very liquid and fantastic brite white
I have tried many and this for me is the best
hth Jo :green:
Thanks, I will try it. I think they sell it at Sallys!
i like creme puff and any pale pink or beige from creative

i talk my ladies out of a french manicure to be honest and talk them into an indestructable french manicure using brisa gels, more wonga and less hassle!!!
I've tried many but still like Orly..theres quite a few shades to match your clients colour and a few different whites dependant on what the client wants.
I use Creme Puff (bright white) and Bijou de lou lou (natural white) and the Negligee, Beau, Moonlight and Roses, French Pink over the top

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