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Sep 10, 2003
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I have read a few of the posts about 'soaking off' - what is the best way??

*for example* - new client already has silk nail enhancements on and wants L&P?!?!? would you just but her nails in pure acetone??

Thats the way i was taught! - but after reading the posts about drying out the nails it worries me that i am going to do damage to my clients nails!

Also if you do soak off in acetone and are going to apply a new set would you suggest putting solar oil on the nail plate before starting the (what i call) mini manicure???

Also how long do you leave the nails in - do you go back to them every 2-3 minutes to wipe the nail or do you just leave them.

The reason i ask is that i have to go to a ladies house Sat and do one set of L&P but she already has silk on - and her friend wants a full set also. So i was going to soak one whilst i do the other - so will i have to go back and keep checking the way the nails are coming off? - so confused :confused: :confused:
Once again I have printed out something from the Designer Nails Web site!!
Under the NVQ section Element 4 - Product Removal

Any one of you can do this at any time -- I spent months putting all the NVQ info on line for you for FREE so go and use it and download to your hearts cintent!! Everything you need to do asignments etc is there to help you.


At some point a client may want to have their nail enhancements removed.

Removal is a legitimate salon service and should be carried out with a positive attitude.

There is a quick and safe way to remove products without causing damage to the natural nail.

1. Pour REMOVER into a glass or Pyrex dish. Put the glass dish into another dish filled with hot water.

2. Submerge the fingertips into the REMOVER. Make sure the entire nail or nails are covered in the solution.

3. Cover the hand and dish with a terry cloth towel and soak for 15-20 minutes. Do not lift the nails out of the REMOVER for the entire time.

4. Lift the towel off and with the nails still submerged, lightly layer the product from the nails with an orange stick. If there is any product still remaining, soak for a further 5 minutes. Repeat if necessary until all product has been softened and removed. Be patient. Any product pulled off the surface of the nail, even at this stage will result in nail plate damage.

5. When all product has been safely removed, ask the client to wash and dry hands. Gently and minimally smooth the surface of the nail with a 240 or higher grit abrasive, such as the KOALA buffer. Work in the direction of nail growth only.

6. Condition the nails and surrounding soft tissue with SOLAROIL; then massage the entire hand with SOLAR SILK lotion, SCENTSATIONS hand & body lotion or SpaManicure FINISHING LOTION.

7. Prescribe a homecare routine that will continue to keep the nails beautiful and healthy.

Points to remember:

Ø Never use Acetone to remove nail enhancements. Product remover is not Acetone, but has been chemically ‘buffered’ to protect the skin.
Ø Never send clients home with professional products to remove their own enhancements. Removal is a salon service and all products are labelled ‘For professional use only’!
Ø You are legally liable if you sell a professional product to a non-professional and an accident results.
Ø Product remover is highly flammable. Never attempt to warm it in a microwave oven, or other heat source.
would you mind clarifying a point for me plz! in your reply you say that product remover has been chemically buffered to make it kind on the skin, are you talking about creative's product remover or product remover in general.
I don't really soak off but i do have some procare tip remover that i keep handy, it's ingredients say acetone. If this is the case is it still safe to use!!!
as you say never use acetone to soak of nails!! thanks in advance
I can't speak for the product you mention, but most professional tip removers are buffered acetone .. it will not say this on the lable, but if the remover comes from a reputable source, it will be buffered acetone rather than industrial acetone.
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