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Jan 6, 2006
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Planet Zog!!!!!
Recently we have had several threads where IMHO, have got a bit personal and therefore if it is ok with the mods I will put some definitions in place.

Fact – a fact is a piece of information, piece of evidence, statement, detail

Speculation – speculation is guesswork or an assumption, rumour, gossip

Support - if we support someone we – encourage, be there for, help, assist, champion their cause

Opinion - an opinion is a belief, an attitude, a view

For me I do not like to speculate, but I am prepared to find the facts out before I base my opinions on those facts and when I have finished finding out the facts out, I reserve the right to change my mind and my opinion!

Does that make sense?

Please, please geeky ones take a bit of time out and just think what posts you drag up and what hurt you may cause –

Just because we may have thought something in the past was right, it does not mean that after trying out a product/service/goods (which may have improved greatly) that we cannot change our minds!

After all I used to hate Yorkshire puddings but now I can tolerate them with a bit of decent beef gravy :lol:

Right I'm off to work and taking this huge self opiniated head off with me :lol: :wink2:

Be good geeky ones :hug:
Well said Debs.

When I first started in this business I hated the idea of doing false nails because they wrecked the natural nail. After finding out the facts, I changed my mind.
After all I used to hate Yorkshire puddings but now I can tolerate them with a bit of decent beef gravy :lol:

Mmmmmmm Yorkshire puddings!!!!! :green:
Wise words as per usual snuggs :hug:

If we never accepted change then the world would just stop, with no existence!

And as you say we should all talk to each other with the same respect that we would want to receive back, you are only on this earth once so why not live it in a nice way. :hug:
We are all entitled to our own opinions....we just have to learn to adapt sometimes:rolleyes::)
I agree totally, can't help feeling like I've missed out on something though. I've not been particularly aware of any threads that may have got a bit personal etc. . . .

anyways, you're so right snuggs about thinking twice before you type. :green:
Well put Deb's :hug:
I think it is a case of everyone has a different out look on things and we need to remember this when posting replies.
It would be a boring place if we all thought the same:hug:

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