The Differnece between a Highlighter & a Shader


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Hi Im new to this website and need a little help with an assignment that im doing. I have to research a make-up range. I've been looking for shaders and highlighters but it seems to me that highlighters and shaders are the same thing, is this correct or are they used for totally different things.

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Highlighters are used to accentuate cheekbones, you apply some at the top of the cheekbone and I also apply some around the temple, when I am doing make-up on clients I also apply a little over the forehead and down the nose as it gives the skin a lovely sheen, benefit do an excellent highlighter its called highbeam, its liquid so a little goes a long way, and i also really like maybelline mousse highlighter, this is easy to apply as it goes on really smooth, and you can control your application easier as its a mousse and not a liquid form, it looks really good dull skin as it brightens it up and catches the light superbly. Revlon skinlights liquid highlighter is great for enhancing your complexion when you mix a little with your foundation. As for shaders, I dont tend to use these much. They are used under the cheekbone along with the highlighter on top to make the cheekbone more prominent. You mostly use these types of methods in photographic make-up when you need the effects to be dramatised to show up on the pictures. You can also use a little bit of shader to alter face shapes. For instance, if you had a square face shape and wanted to make the outer jaw lines less visable, you would apply a little shader to darken each side of the jaw (the bits that tend to stick out) or if the person has a high forhead you could apply a little at the top of the forhead. It looks great in pictures but if overdone it can look a little strange!! Shaders normally would come in powder form and come in dark shades, again a little goes a long way and a nice big soft brush would need to be used, with just a slight dusting on the intended areas. Hope this has been of help to you!
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In plain simple dumbed down english.... hightlighter brings forward a feature and shader pushes a feature back.