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Jan 11, 2003
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After a meeting last week with PB publisher, I think I can answer most of these queries!!
  • The NEW nails magazine will be called PROFESSIONAL NAILS but the emphasis will be on the word NAILS!!
  • The original PN insert that went into Professional Beauty was taken out as it became a stand alon mag last Sept (I think); they will now resume with an insert to Professional Beauty and this will becalled 'POLISHED'!!
  • For those of you who subscribed to NAILS & ANT, do not worry - your subscription will be covered with the new Professional NAILS magazine!
  • For those of you who subscribed to both - this is where I fall short - you either A - CALL THEM ASAP or B - means your subscription will run for longer!
  • There will be an Irish Editor for Salon Ireland which is great news for Ireland AND I know they are looking into Irish Nail Insurance!
  • Don't hold your breath on this one as it may take time! Mark has said that anyone from Ireland needing insurance should contact BABTAC as of now! The price is horrendous compared to the UK unfortunately but that is apparently how it is!!
  • Off the top of my head I can't remember PB's number (all my stuff is programmed so I just bash a key:eek: ) but I am sure that anyone there will be able to help!
  • Last but not least - Alison Milner will be the new Editor whilst Sarah Stowe is on maternity leave. Ali was part of the founding team of the original Nail Plus; she knows a great deal about nails - is very personable and will do a great job!!
Kathryn (Kat) Hanks (Deputy Ed of new PN) has also posted in the MAIN section regarding these issues!!!
I hope this has helped somewhat for the rest of you!!! :biggrin:
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