The Gel Bottle Inc distributors?


I’m trying to place an order on the gel bottle website but it’s saying they don’t have any carriers in my area. I live in Leicester. Has anybody else had a similar issue, and where do you purchase yours from.

Thanks Claire


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That’s odd, don’t they just send via DPD?

I’m surprised as I thought they would deliver to where I am. This is what i keep getting. It’s driving me mad


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Hello love, they definitely do as i'm near Leicester and I have them delivered. I can only suggest you double check 'UK' is selected on your address for country. Other than that it could be an internet browser issue, maybe try an alternative browser to see if it helps? If that doesn't work I'd say either pop on their live chat or ring them and I'm sure they'll help in any way they can ☺


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I’d try again as they’ve got 20% off just now.....

That is odd because they deliver all over the UK via DPD. I think you need to try again or call their headoffice.

You can also try netsalon for beauty and salon supplies.


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Are you authorised distributors for The Gel Bottle brand?
The Gel Bottle don't need a UK distributor as they are a UK based company. So if their products are on netsalon, it will be fake.


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Can't find ANY gel polish on netsalon!


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This was posted on TGB Facebook page earlier. Caroline is really helpful too