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Nails At The Hat Hire Company

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Feb 8, 2003
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launton near bicester,oxon
has asked for a tinsy piece on top tips for party nails...
how careful do i have to be about things like coppyright...obviously all the tips i know have been picked up/read/taught to me by someone...
dont want to get into trouble
No problem ... go for it. We are all influenced by others ideas and one would find it very difficult to prove that a design was specifically theirs.

I would say you don't have to be worried in the slightest.
cheeky i know but if any one has any outstanding party tips for nails ie not the tips tips but ideas tips... does that make sense....

much appreciated mine are all ok but the only party type thing i can think of that clients can do at home as it were would be adding a bit of glitz by putting glitter on free edge.... i do lotsa christmas nail art snowmen reindeer snowflake and all but im guessing they want tips that clients can use at home....
can anyone help...
i see now you thought i meant tips as in artwork.... sorry i meant tips as in home tips for people wanting their nails to look nice at partys.....does your answer still apply..... took me a while to realise we had our wires crossed...bu hey ive always claimed to be a dumb blonde!
... give that advice. For example...

At the Hand Sanctuary we realise the importance of good grooming and recommend only the best in home care maintenance!!

Then talk about the products you recommend!! If you need F&B's for anything let me know!!! ;)
...but please try to remember Im blonde what on earth does f&B's mean....................
Features and Benefits of products - for example - Solar Oil - a blend of three natural oils and Vitamin E!!! but you can go further with what the product does, that is so great so that you gain retail sales! ;)

am I making sense :rolleyes: about to go for a bath!!! :shock:
that woiuld be great and can i be so cheeky as to ask for other 'party nails' ideas from you anything will be soooo helpful...enjoy your bath....

kind regards
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