The Olympics


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gillian w

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Oct 4, 2006
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Its soon to be with us so whats everyones thoughts.Are you going to be doing any specials, have you ordered your union flag minx or practiced free hand.

Did you get your tickets most people i know who applied bar one whos seeing the volleyball didn't get any.

Are you an area thats near an event so how will it effect your business.Are you worried no one will be able to travel to you or do you think you will be busier.

Also do you think its a waste of money and wish we had never won them, are you in london and its your tax thats gone up to pay for it or have you or someone you know had to move their business to make way for the building.

Or can you not wait and are getting really excited about something we will probably not see again here for a long long time if ever.
Waste of bloody money. 12 billion for a sports fortnight. Won't affect me as long as I don't try and get into town that fortnight.
Got my tickets:
Men's prelims and quarter finals in football.....I get to see Brazil!

btw I'm talking doesn't all happen in London.
I live in Hackney (near Stratford where the Olympics will be held) and there has been lots of improving going on for the past year. Throughout the whole year we kept getting leaflets through the door about what's going to change, what road works there will be etc...
My boyfriend works near Stratford and his company will be changing working hours because of the Olympics.
I am not really interested in the olympics - however I can feel and see an excitement about it in my area.
I am worried about the crowds as I live in the area and how I will be able to get around with so many people here.
Will be nice to hear some more thoughts.
Ive never wanted them. When we first won them and the figures of how much it was all going to cost were announced i just felt what a waste when the money could be spent on so much more important things like improving hospitals and housing.

I think with the economy as it is now its even more sickening i think they said it was going to cost two million to project an image onto the houses of parliament for the duration.

Also goodness knows whos going. All the favoured rich i guess because i know a good few people and i only know one who has any tickets no one else has been lucky.

Also security worries me.I just dont know how they could stop a terrorist attack and it would be on the worlds stage.
Also security worries me.I just dont know how they could stop a terrorist attack and it would be on the worlds stage.

Oh trust me, security is of the highest priority for the Olympics. I'm going to sound like a selfish cow now, but because of the Olympics my whole summer is on hold.

Don't get me wrong, national security is more important, but I'm a moody cow right now so not happy about it.

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