The question of ear (only) piercing and age.


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Aug 16, 2003
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A quick one, and just to find out what your individual feelings are. Ear piercing on a child. Do any of you set your own lower age limit? Many parents now seem to have their daughters (or son I guess?) ears pierced at a very early age. Are there special dangers, laws or problems? What age limit to you think should be set or adhered to? I have been chatting about it over coffee and wondered what thoughts you have.

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As long as you have parental consent age shouldn`t matter too much with ear piercing. I did the training but couldn`t compete with chemists that do it for £3.75 including the ear-rings plus the council want £75 for permission to practice so after paying out for training and a kit plus extra ear-rings I won`t ever recoup my money
I'm sorry but I absolutely hate the idea of piercing a baby's ears - what really is the point!! I did briefly think about offering this service until a friend asked me whether I would be prepared to do a childs - Well that's the question!

I have 2 girls (4 and 6), both of whom would like to have them done. Unfortunately they've got me as a mother and I have told them that if they still want them done when they are 12 then I will gladly take them and pay :shock:

I can't think of anything worse than hurting your child for no other reason than vanity, what is the point? I hate it when I take my girls for injections, and that's something they have to have!

I guess when it comes down to it, if a child is capable of looking after them properly, then she is old enough to have them pierced. I would guess there is no minimum age for piercing, subject to parental consent as you see so many babies with them done (ouch!!), but I couldn't do it.

Sorry Pooh - I know you were only asking a question, but hey I'm only answering it ;)

Ta for the replies ......... and thanks for being honest! I must admit, how on earth anyone could ever pierce a child that youg I don't know. I took my grand-daughter for one of her injections as my daughter could not bear to do it ........ and I never had the heart to tell her that I did the same when SHE was a baby :)

Again, many thanks ................. giving the whole thing some thought.

Dee xx
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