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Therapist needed for one day


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Jan 26, 2010
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hi im looking for a therapist to work along side me for one day only for now on a sunday in about 3 weeks time,trainee is ok,all you need to do is paint clients nails,facial and back shoulder an neck massage.the spa is in laindon essex
could you give me some more information?
hi sorry for late reply im really busy but circumstances have changed at the mo i will pm you more details soon but basically im looking for a back up therapist who is local to the basildon area just for the odd day here an there would suit someone who wants to gain salon experience.
Hello, how gutted am i that i only do nails at the mo! I live in Laindon and would be ideal for me to get some salon experience. Shame x
Ok, if you need anyone just send me a message, I live in Southend so travel isn't to far.

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