Thickness of gel nails


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Aug 25, 2008
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Hi I'm just wondering if anyone's got pictures of how thick they do there gel nails as I have seen all different thicknesses done but when I done a set thinner they didn't last long at all :/ whAts everyone's thoughts on this? Thanks x
Don't they say credit card thickness? That's what I usually do?
What for extensions? Xx
Oh right I always thought that was too thin :/ thanks xx
Oh right I always thought that was too thin :/ thanks xx

Well maybe 1.5 of a credit card then actually. My old nail tech used to do them width of 2 as she was nervous of breakages x
Anybody got pictures? If what they do xx
The strength is in the apex, if you build a strong apex you can do the free edge thinner.
Exactly what Maz said is right, it's all about the apex being correctly thick enough and correctly placed.
I strive for a credit card thickness on all sets of enhancements at the free edge and get apex placed correctly as this is the key area for strength.
What does everyone think of these?

It's very difficult to see with these pictures, but I cant seem to see a good apex and the white tips? Are a little far up the nails, if these are on someone with very short nails I woudv put on clear tips and placed the white further down and elongated the nail with cover pink.

Also might be better to get good pics of sides, top and down the nail as easier :)
I do struggle with the apex still, n yh there white tips on short nails so will do your idea next time thanks x

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